About Us

Lancaster University Christian Union (LUCU/CU) is a society of Christian students on campus that exist as a mission team to spread the gospel to the students of Lancaster. In that mission we are aided by UCCF and supported by a variety of local churches.The CU is made up of Christian students from various backgrounds and denominations. Together we cover a large assortment of different views, ideas and personalities too. As we are all students studying at Lancaster University, we also all study different degrees. These factors help us keep the CU diverse and help us have the capacity to reach lots of different students.

The CU is also run by students and we have a variety of CU leaders. We have an Executive Committee (Exec) that is chosen every year and they lead us in our mission. We also have a larger team of PSG Leaders (Reps) who run the CU’s PSG Groups.

Even if we are diverse, we put aside all our differences and opinions to come together for one purpose. One Mission. To spread the Gospel to the other students at Lancaster University. We are evangelistic through and through and everything we do either helps equip us and prepare us for mission or is mission in itself.